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Westcott offers independent care advice. We offer bespoke personal advice and support that helps our clients find and arrange the right care at the right time to meet their specific needs.

We’ve all heard horror stories and many of us have preconceptions and prejudices about care. It is easy to underestimate how difficult and time-consuming it can be to find and arrange appropriate care or indeed how emotionally draining it is.

Westcott was founded to help and guide those in need of care - together with their families and friends - through what can be a particularly challenging time.


To assist those in need of care by delivering bespoke advice and support.


Receiving the right care at the right time can help improve quality of life and reduce the overall cost of care.

Core Aims

  • Improve the overall quality and service standards of care in the UK
  • Be the premier adviser to those in need of care in the UK

Guiding Principles

  • Care requirements are personal and require bespoke solutions
  • Care provision is local and good advice requires in-depth local knowledge


Professionalism - Using experience, expertise and judgement whilst being accountable for our actions
Independence - Putting the interests of those in need of care first
Integrity - Consistently doing the right thing
Transparency - Being open and honest with clients and other stakeholders
Collaboration - Working with clients, colleagues and care providers to improve the quality of care

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Further Info

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Our Services

Our Services

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