Each of our clients receives a review shortly after they have begun receiving services from the elderly care providers they have selected to use. We offer this service regardless of whether or not they have taken up a Westcott recommendation.

The purpose of the review is to ensure that you are receiving the services that have been arranged and that they meet your requirements. For example, we may check that:

  • your home care services are being delivered consistently and on-time;
  • you’ve settled in to your care home; and
  • your nursing home is adequately meeting your continuing care requirements.

Our Care Consultants are professionals who know what to look for and who can easily identify any red flags.

They are there to ensure that your carers are doing what they are meant to be doing and that you are happy with the services you are receiving. They will also help resolve any issues which may arise and make sure that your needs continue to be met as your circumstances change. It may be, for example, that as time goes by, domiciliary care is no longer able to meet your care requirements. At this point, Westcott can help you make alternative arrangements.

Your well-being is paramount.

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