Our History

Andrew Whelan founded Westcott following his family’s own struggle in finding good quality care for an elderly relative.

He discovered that as his grandmother got older her needs changed and as a consequence she needed the services of different care providers at different times.

Despite a family member being a local GP and an abundance of available information, Andrew was surprised to discover how incredibly difficult it was to verify independently the quality of the different care providers and to understand if they were truly the right provider to meet his grandmother’s needs.

Furthermore, he was amazed at how little continuity there was throughout the process. It proved to be extremely difficult and time-consuming to find and understand information that was relevant to his grandmother. Navigating through the bureaucracy of entitlements and funding proved to be another headache.

All of this was to the detriment of his grandmother’s well-being, which, he believes, should have been the primary consideration.

Initially Andrew considered setting up his own care service in order to provide all elements of care from basic help around the home to specialist nursing care, thus ensuring some level of continuity.

However, he soon recognised that there are many high quality, specialist providers who focus on each of these areas.

The problem, he realised, was in sorting the wheat from the chaff in order to find the right provider, at the right time to meet people’s particular requirements.

Andrew founded Westcott to solve this problem.

Andrew Whelan
Westcott's Founder and CEO

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